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Congratulations on your pregnancy! This is a very special time in your life and proper care will keep you and your unborn baby healthy. The information provided in this section is intended as reference guide during your pregnancy.

When you hear us discussing your pregnancy in weeks rather than months, it is because weeks are a more accurate way to keep you up-to-date on specific pregnancy information. A normal pregnancy is 40 weeks in length from the first day of your last normal period. Women usually deliver between 37 and 41 weeks gestation.

Our usual schedule is for us to see you every four weeks until you've reached 28 weeks. From weeks 30 to 36, we will usually see you every two weeks. When you've reached 36 weeks, we will have you come into the office weekly. Visits include urine testing, blood pressure and weight checks, and exams by your caregivers. We will listen to the baby's heartbeat, measure the size of your uterus and discuss any pertinent testing for that time in your pregnancy. We will answer your questions and address any problems or concerns. You will also have occasional blood tests, ultrasounds or other types of testing. As key milestones are reviewed at each visit, it is very important for you to maintain your visit schedule. The following information listed by trimester will help with many common questions and concerns.

Pregnancy Hotline for questions related to medications, infections, chemicals or environmental exposures that may pose a risk during pregnancy: 1-800-733-4727

First trimester

Second trimester

Third trimester


Congratulations on the birth of your baby! For a routine vaginal delivery, we would like you to schedule a post-partum visit six weeks after delivery. For a cesarean birth, you will need an incision check two weeks after delivery and then a routine post-partum visit at six weeks. If there are any special circumstances, your follow-up visits may be different. We will inform you of any differences in follow-up. You may experience vaginal bleeding for at least six weeks post-partum. In general, it should get progressively lighter. Overactivity may cause heavier bleeding. Call our office for bleeding that saturates a maxi-pad in an hour that does not resolve with rest. Continue taking prenatal vitamins until they are finished unless you are nursing. If breastfeeding, you should continue taking prenatal vitamins until you finish nursing.

Please abstain from any sexual activity until after your six week post-partum visit. At your post-partum visit, please be prepared to discuss birth control options.

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